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Mandy Smith

Mandy Smith, Information Specialist
Information Specialist
Academic Liaison Group
Library Office 1
+44 (0)1793 785561


Research Support Coordinator - Barrington Library

Accessibility Officer for Barrington Library

First Aider for Barrington Library

Awarded Best Campus Support Staff, CDS, 2012-2013 - Student Led Teaching Awards

Service on University and College committees

  • Battlespace Technology Course Committee
  • Defence Equipment Engineering (Land)
  • Guided Weapons Systems Course Committee
  • Military Aerospace and Airworthiness Course Committee
  • Military Electronic Systems Engineering Course Committee
  • Vehicle and Weapon Engineering Programme(USA)
  • Weapon and Vehicle Systems Programme Course Committee

Member of the following professional bodies

  • Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
  • Academic and Research Libraries Group
  • Information Literacy Group

External Roles

  • Member of South West Engineering Librarians (SWELS)
  • DARTS (Discover Academic Research, Training and Support)Secretary

Research Interests

  • Research Support
  • Information Literacy


Barefoot, A., Cooksley, H., Crossley, J., Heath, A., Sleat, A., Smith, M. and Stevens, C. (2017) 'Changes in the research support landscape over the last ten+ years: reflections on the DARTS conference series 2005–2018', SCONUL Focus, 69, pp. 74-77. Available at:

Smith, M.J. and Betts-Gray, M. (2016) Finding out what researchers “really, really want": the structured interview. Presented at: Measuring Value: The Impact of Information Literacy and its Evaluation Conference. Birmingham City University, May 4th.

Smith, M.J., Humphries, C. and Woodfield, H. (2011) Supporting our students Presented at: Cranfield University Academic Conference. Cranfield University, 14 July.

Smith, M.J. & Knowles, R.A. (2011) Reflections of embedding information literacy into a postgraduate multi-cultural institution. Presented at: LILAC 2011 Conference. London, United Kingdom. 19th April.

Smith, M.J. (2009) 'Singing in the rain – a first timer at Umbrella', Aerospace and Defence Librarians Group Newsletter, 21(1), pp. 18-21.