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Special Collections


Reports Section Catalogue

The Reports Section holds previous theses and technical reports as well as papers by Cranfield academic staff. For security reasons, the Reports Section has a separate library catalogue and is only available to search from on-site, networked PCs.


Alumni Library Online

All Cranfield Shrivenham alumni can enjoy the benefits of this free web-based library service. In order to qualify for access, you must have graduated with a Cranfield Degree (at Shrivenham this means a degree course after 1984).


Barrington Heritage Collection Online

A modest collection of historical documents relating to the history of the Shrivenham campus and the local area which include Beckett House and the Barrington family, the Shrivenham American University and the former Royal Military College of Science (RMCS). This is not an open access collection but use of the material may be permitted within the Library by prior arrangement.


Cranfield CERES

The Cranfield Collection of e-Research, CERES, is a digital repository of research output from Cranfield University. CERESE contains a growing subset of research undertaken at Cranfield University including journal pre-prints and peer-reviewed journal reprints, digital theses and dissertations, book chapters, working papers and technical reports. All items in CERES are full-text.


Russian Military Studies Archive

A large collection of Russian-related material in a range of formats and languages, established to support research in a wide range of military topics, both historical and current. The Archive houses over 16,000 individual books, some of which are now rare and often very difficult or expensive to obtain.


Shrivenham Repository

This is the digital repository of research output from Cranfield Defence and Security. It contains a growing subset of unclassified research undertaken at the School including journal pre-prints and peer-reviewed reprints which are not available via the University Repository (CERES). It includes full-text digital dissertations, book chapters, working papers, conference papers and technical reports