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International news stories covering over 10,000 global press sources. Also an excellent source of company information and financials, see the the companies/markets tab. Coverage: variable, up to 30 years – current.
Financial accounts for up to the past 12 years and management details on over 1,400,000 actively trading companies (public and private) registered at Companies House. Also includes brief details of a further 2,000,000 plus companies operating or dormant within the UK. Information can be retrieved in brief or detailed output, and can be exported as an Excel file if required.
Full text of all current and historical regulations
The website of an international organisation for everyone concerned with the safety of flight. Information on technical initiatives to improve flight safety. Free subscription to their online journal "AeroSafety World."
Journal on international affairs and foreign policy, published by the Council on Foreign Relations. Full text available from 1964.
Computer forensics news, information and community. A site about Digital Forensics, Compter Forensic Training, and eDiscovery.
The website lists free online computer, programming, mathematics, engineering, and technical Books, lecture notes and tutorials.
The journal of the Foundation for Science and Technology, an organisation providing a neutral environment for discussion on topics with a science, engineering or technology element. This site also provides an archive from 1995-2000 of issues of Technology, Innovation and Society journal. These journals provide the text of discussions at dinners and workshops organised by the Foundation.
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